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Today Is Good day for you, we are providing a collection of Lightroom preset for free. Let’s read some technical stuffs about free Lightroom presets. If you are really needed a preset for your project, this page for you, here we provide 10+ Downloadable presets includes cinematic, moody, cyan, matte, vintage and blue ocean and many more for free, but don’t forget to follow our social accounts like Facebook Instagram YouTube and share one your FB wall and Instagram stories, if you do all the task, you will be mentioned to our achiever list in website and social handle. To increase awareness to people and encourage the other make awesome photos.

Frankly speaking Lightroom is the wonderful weapon for photographers it is like an adobe photoshop software, but it looks more than that. Lightroom is available for Smartphone and desktop also. Let’s talk about Lightroom mobile because it is more convenient than Lightroom PC. So, the Lightroom mobile application is about 70 Megabytes (70mb) application download from both platforms like android and IOS, in apple phones you download from Apple Store and android use play store install it. So, you have downloaded it but you have one query about this app, it is some free feature, and some paid, but I have a solution get all the feature in free. 

Download presets | Lightroom preset free download


General things about presets

Lightroom preset is a configuration of the settings, mode or designed to achieve a predefined look or style of your Image.

Lightroom’s presets are photographers time saving and convenient setting that saved for the future and apply to another image to save a valuable time (Some time confused about setting) this is called time saving money making.

Premium New Feature of Lightroom

  • After signing in, you have Lightroom dashboard that’s I love it and photographers friendly, and easy to use 
  • You have lots of images for retouching selection from the gallery and upload all it seems too awesome any other of apps doesn’t have a feature like this.
  • Choose one of your images, select start editing.
  • It has hundreds of different pre-set alterations to colors, hues, shadows, contrast, sharpness, heal, selective, cropping grain and more.

Presets Download and upload and uses guide | Lightroom presets free download zip mobile

  • The links provided in the download button and extract the zip file all the presets in the zip file contents only DNG raw files, after downloading upload all the presets’ images in your Lightroom after uploading go to one by one and select it and in the upper right corner you have option of create preset, name the suitable presets according to you click save and do not touch any option.
  • Use this method one by one after sometimes you have a unique collection of powerful time saving presets in your pocket to super enhanced your photography skills

How to use presets after in my pocket?

  • You are intelligent guy, so open any kind of your image in Lightroom mobile.
  • After slide down option from After slide down option from Slider presets
  • Open found click and option of down button
  • select you found a USER PRESETS select and apply the setting,
  • the magic happens and editing complete.
Why you need Lightroom preset 5 benefits of choosing Lightroom mobile.

Probably if you are reading this article, you are photographer, designer, or photoblogger so, in the beginning every creator are new (noob) and want to create an awesome picture, you are heard about moody tones minimal ones, color tones, dual tones, color effect, tone effects, background light cinematic retouching vintage etc. all this kind of picture tones are lies in lightroom it is basically perfect the color tones and frames and lights to enhanced and also retouched the next level of image, it, you over edit and too saturated color and contrast it’s like manipulation. If you be expert in this field, you need a tool like this that’s make your chosen color and light it is best option for you.

Top 5 benefits of choosing Lightroom

Choosing a lightroom is the best option for you and me also why

  1. Lightroom is almost free for android and super easy to use and super easy to handle.
  2. Its takes 2-10 minute to create breathtaking image that’s wonders my people to won’t believe that clicked by you.
  3. Powerful option like selective and color enhancement and shadow coloring it’s would not in another tools.
  4. Special it supports raw and export as a raw option, with DNG, TIF AND JPG with watermark and custom color that help to upload a high-quality image on Instagram without losing exports with all your metadata use website like Shutterstock and Getty Images and Unsplash like site to sell your images.
  5. Most powerful ever used option is presets to create your own setting modes to sell, distribute to make it profitable, also it will time saving for you, when you have no time to enhance a photo apply this preset and in seconds magic happens.

Lightroom mobile vs Lightroom pc

Adobe software are always amazing and explorable it’s have lots of software for designers and photographers, creative artist, in one of these Adobe Lightroom is use perfect for photographers, so Lightroom pc and Lightroom mobile have a many differences like pc version have lots of option of color grading and wide are to explore features, otherwise you are doing a professional like Wedding and product photo shoot, candid commercials you need PC version of Lightroom and if you are new in this or doing a part-time mobile version is best for you.

Top10 new best features of lightroom mobile

You are recently installed the Lightroom and want to explore all the feature as a beginner, firstly start with light option which is best as a beginner, and we command in this to make a great photo, so all the level of positive and negative toggles to slide,

  1. Fix exposure but aware of that it is not close to max value
  2. fix the contrast but sure that it is 70% of that
  3. fix the highlights according to image but aware of the over exposed image or any part
  4. fix shadow of image the best option in this
  5. fix whites of the image to looks good and not too exposed 
  6. blacks used for good color and shadows
  7. Curve

Curve in the upper part of lights option, one who commands in curve in this you will sure be in list in great tone and light expert, because pixels are in our digital devices are made of up three major colour RED GREEN BLUE if you slide the graph line which have 16 boxes with origin line.


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Download Lightroom Apk free + Premium (all pro feature include) Android 8.0 User only supports

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