CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design

Yes, I know why you are here. Canva saves your time and provide you with best results of graphic designing with no artistic background or special skills. Canva helps you in all kind of designing styles.

Bonus: Stick around to the end, and we’ll show you how to use CANVA PRO IN FREE!!!

CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design

What is Canva?

CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design
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Canva is a graphic design tool with the simplest efforts to provide the best outcome. Most of the trending posts and thumbnails on social media are designed through Canva as simple as of bread-butter sandwich which a feature to import images and export as png, jpg, mp4 video and other feature.

10 millions users are accessing Canva for

  • Blog post images
  • Social posts, ads, cover photos, banners, and icons
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Email marketing visuals
  • Infographics
  • …and more

More than 50% of the features of Canva are free to create amazing designs and to use some extras, buy a pro version with some advanced pre-made templates, images, icons and features. Most of the amazing fonts are completely free. Canva help you to provide visuals for your business right at your fingertips.

CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design

Why Is Canva Popular Among Writers and Content Creators?

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Canva offers with novice designers or professional graphic artist with robust and stunning ides into powerful weapon to design awesome, appealing and relevant content easily and quickly without being experienced graphic designer. Using Canva, common issues that plague content marketing efforts into engaging visual efforts can be addressed.

Canva’s drag and drop editor, custom designs and templates, images, fonts, editing features that too free helps to design documents, posts from either scratch or predefined templates ensure consistency in your quality of content leading to more content engagement and collaborations

Getting started with Canva

Let’s begin to learn Canva to design the most trending and designing post for your content.

Choose a design or select custom dimensions

While starting a new project, you’ll either:

Choose a design

Create your own using custom dimensions

Important: In the free version of Canva, you can’t edit the dimensions of your document after-the-fact, so make sure you start with the size you need.

Explore endless customization options

Canva provides you with endless templates according to your need, size, color of fonts, elements, background patterns, images, music-add feature and many more.

This free tool also provides multiple design elements to choose from, including:

  • Grids – To design creative compositions, stretching images in your design, adding multiple images to one.
  • Frames – To enhance your design with bevels and borders.
  • Shapes – Squares, triangles, circles and all sort of shapes is available to be used as borders or elements around your page or text.
  • Lines – Solid to dashed to chevron lines are there to emphasize your text
  • Icons – Icons from common signage to popular symbols to spice your graphic design are available.
  • Charts – To add bar graphs, pie charts, comparison charts and more in your design add charts element.

Share your design from within your account

You can even share your design with up to 10 members of your team to only view or edit within the site. You can directly share the design to any social media.

Free vs. paid account

So you might be wondering what you’re missing out on with the paid plan.

The biggest difference in the paid version of the program is the ability to:

  • Resize your designs
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Organize your photos with folders
  • Access additional photos, illustrations, and templates

Our advice: Most of the features are free, you’ll probably never feel the need to upgrade to pro.

Best practices for creating compelling images in Canva

Here of the term, our content team lives by the rule “show, don’t tell.” Similarly, your visuals must aim to aim the same by keeping best practices in your mind while creating a design.

Consider your brand

Your content is the personality of your company and how your viewers need to interact with. While creating visuals, feature image, blog post or graphic, make sure content fits in your domain’s brand.

  • Design using company’s basic colors.
  • Constantly use a certain style or graphic idea to connect multiple posts in your media.
  • Choose fonts wisely depicting your brand’s identity (ex: bold, traditional, elegant, playful)
  • Use same logo location and size in your post regularly.

Use eye-catching images

The image change the overall look of design, so never use blurry or pixelated image. Use eye-catching images. Mostly prefer .png rather than .jpg.

Our Tip: If you’re using stock images, always add credit to the photographer. Or choose photos that can be used for free (without accreditation) from sites like PexelsUnsplash, or Pixabay.

CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design

Take advantage of layouts

Avoid creating design from scratch. Canva provides many premade layouts to save your time and make an effective, beautiful graphic.

Don’t forget about readability

Always keep in mind that you would be viewing the image at a much larger size than by potential customers. Here are a few other tips for ensuring readability:

  • Choose text color in contrast to background color for clear visibility of text.
  • Use colored effects and shadows behind your text.
  • Adjust transparency and filters in background or images.
  • Adjust letter spacing and light height in text or paragraph.
  • Don’t overdo with bulky and too many text, icons or elements.
  • If you go for promotion, ensure the proportion of text to image isn’t above 20%.

6 Canva tools to make your designs better

Try the grid tool shortcut

Grid tool align your text, icon or other elements in your design. Press “command/control” + “;” on your keyboard to use grid tool.

Add a box around your text

To make your text stand-out, try to add a box around it using “option” + “shift” +”b”.

Use font and color pairing tools

Choice of font and color choices matter. Use the pairing tool to choose best options for your work to be attractive. Especially helpful for designing from scratch.

  • Font-Pairing Tool
  • Color Combination Chart

Crop your images

Resize and scale your design to desired size, use inbuilt cropping tool in Canva. It’s easy and there’s even a great tutorial online.

Enroll in the free design school

Looking for inspiration and lessons for effective designing try Design School for growing collection of articles, tutorials, tips with free access and even a library of courses to choose upon.

Try the app!

To create quick graphic download the mobile version app with exactly similar features as on desktop to design on your convince and schedules.

Get inspired: Our favorite designs

So what can you create using this awesome tool? Here’s a collection of some of our favorite images we’ve designed on behalf of our clients.

This blog graphic for ANC Movers uses a fun yet relevant photo. The different text sizes add emphasis to the title.

We created this Facebook ad for EcoCare Pest Solutions. The creepy spider was placed over a background image for an interesting 3-D effect.

This blog graphic for Adam Greenman Law uses an iconic Portland sign in place of a title and includes some added text to making it unique.

Leverage your content through an effective digital strategy

Strategic and holistic approach in digital marketing needs compelling visuals to get website traffic and sales to your business needs.

At Delmain, we’re committed to our clients’ success. Our team of digital marketing experts is dedicated to providing personal service, delivering data-driven results, and helping small businesses exceed their digital marketing goals.

If you’re ready to expand your online reach and get the new customers, leads, and sales you need, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design. CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design. CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design. CANVA 2.0-Tutorial easy graphics design

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