Night photography

Night photography 

Tutorial of Capturing various method of night Photography,And Astrophotography


The Nature is all around us ,We can clicks images around random , architecture,flower,day light ,portaits and landscapes but one thing that most people don’t captures A night Photography.The Night Photography that Photography which have to do a special skills in capture images in mobile phone and  Cameras in the Night or Astrophotography,in this type Capturing moments The stars moons shooting stars or Light trails.

How to shoot Light trails



Capturing Light trails is awsome but one thing you to do A stable plateform for Camera or mobile phone ,always use tripod for this.While shooting Light trails Mount a camera Open adjust  ISO  Low as possible,keep sutterspeed  High like 1/4 sec 1/10 or 1/20 of sec keep Brust mode and it maks a beautiful light trails.


In th making of it If you have Smartphone Use


Nubia light trail camera app mod


Also a camera persion use manual mod for this


Try research hard on Youtube for more detail.


Apps for Astrophotography/night Photography
  • Snapseed
  • Lightroom
  • Photoeditor
  • Picsart
  • photoshop for mobile

Key feature of Night Photography

  • Tripod is use for plate form of Camera mobile.
  • Tripod is made up of Hard plastic and steel,aluminum with mounting management.
  • Tripod is also many type Small medium large with 4 Lags with good grip.

Tripod have also a key feature of bluetooth control ,and Gimble but it makes very costely.

Gimble is device to stable Camera or mobile with a tripod .It also key feature of Auto adjustment with X,Y,Z axis.It is very common use with film making cinematography and videography etc.What type of need Instrument to Capture Night photos


  • Use high end smartphone with Manual adjustment feature.
  • Use An app like Gcam Module,Or manual camera.
  • Adjust ISO ,sutterspeed,Focus at infinity.
  • A camera persion use Manual mod with ISO,sutterspeed and focuse adjustments.

Sample Of night Capture,Astrophotography,Light trail and Night Photography

Night Photography


to capture light trails

Night Photography
Setting for night Photography
Night Photography
How to capture night Photography in android
Night Photography
How to capture car light trails
Night Photography
How to capture light trails using a dslr
Night Photography
Hashtag for night Photography
Night Photography
Note* This app only work in CAMER 2 Api enabled phone

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